Bob Marley (2009) 80 X 60 Cm Oil On Paper

Dircke uses a variety of materials for his work: canvas, panels, special papers and walls. He mostly paints in oil and sometimes includes acrylic and ink, pencil and charcoal. In his paintings Dircke pays attention to detail which is important in his work.
He is what is known as a fine art painter. His work is always figurative and can be recognized in the power of form and color and particularly in the perspective which he brings into his paintings. The use of light results in many stunning effects in all aspects of his work. Dircke’s paintings encompass many subjects and his style is very different and exciting. It is often difficult to imagine such a range of subjects and techniques to be the work of one and the same artist.

As mentioned by Dircke himself he gets his inspiration from many subjects including the neighborhood where he lives and he has the ability to retain mental pictures of objects and people he wishes to paint when he returns to his studio in Lisse.
People who are familiar with Dircke’s work recognize his style in spite of the diversity of his work.

Dircke is working on an international network and interest in his talent exceeds the confines of the Netherlands. He will also take on commissions. His most recent work can be seen on this 
website  His paintings make for interesting and worthwhile viewing. Amongst these are monochrome works which are beautiful and unique. Dirckes talents are wide and varied and he has a quality and style which is becoming more and more recognized, both in his homeland and abroad